Template Guides

The following are basic template guides to help you with your artwork creation.

We’re here to help if you don’t have the time to design your materials too. Contact us for our design services.

Business Cards:

Landscape Business Cards – Square Corners

Portrait Business Cards – Square Corners

Landscape Business Cards – Round Corners

Portrait Business Cards – Round Corners

Compliment Slips:

Compliment Slips


A4 Brochure

A5 Brochure




A5 Invite Landscape

A5 Invite Portrait

A6 Invite Landscape

A6 Invite Portrait

Folded Leaflets:

Roll Folded Leaflet DL

Single Folded Leaflet DL Landscape

Single Folded Leaflet DL Portrait

Z Folded Leaflet DL


A4 Flyer Landscape

A4 Flyer Portrait

A5 Flyer Landscape

A5 Flyer Portrait

DL Flyer Landscape

DL Flyer Portrait


A0 Poster Landscape

A0 Poster Portrait

A1 Poster Landscape

A1 Poster Portrait

A2 Poster Landscape

A2 Poster Portrait

A3 Poster Landscape

A3 Poster Portrait

A4 Poster Landscape

A4 Poster Portrait

Pull Up Banners:

1500mm Pull up banner (1500x2000mm)

850mm Pull up banner (850x2000mm)

Presentation Boards:

A1 Presentation Board Landscape

A1 Presentation Board Portrait

A2 Presentation Board Landscape

A2 Presentation Board Portrait

A3 Presentation Board Landscape

A3 Presentation Board Portrait

A4 Presentation Board Landscape

A4 Presentation Board Portrait