Washroom Distancing Covers


A professional product for a professional appearance.

A 100% recyclable corriboard sheet that completely covers a urinal to ensure social distancing is adhered too. These covers take less than 20 seconds to fold together, no need for any glue.

‘A Urinal Washroom Cover’ that is exceptionally practical.



Key Features:

No glue needed. Simply folds and slots together. Please see below video.

Made from corriboard, a splash resistant product. 100% Recyclable.

Light and portable to move, wash and reuse repeatedly.

Welcoming colours.

Measurement: 74 cm wide x 34cm deep x 118cm tall.

*Bespoke artwork options available.
If you wish to print your logo on the artwork or personalise the colours please contact us on Live Chat, by email: shop@tpi.ie or phone: +353 (01) 408 9222


Can I call and collect the product?
No. Due to the current pandemic and health and safety concerns all products on our shop now site are delivered via post/ nightline straight to your delivery address.

Is this product recyclable?
Yes, this product is made from corriboard, a 100% recyclable board.